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Pioneer Roasted Beverage

I LOVE coffee. But when it comes to coffee and caffeine my body most definitely has a limit. When Pioneer Beverage reached out to me about their alternative coffee drink I was so intrigued!

Pioneer Roasted Beverage is made from select corn, wheat, broad bean, barley, and cinnamon. You can still drink flavorful coffee without the caffiene overload! How awesome is that?!

While I was brewing the coffee it made my kitchen smell sooo good! It has its own unique taste where you know it isn't coffee but it's soooo similar and delicous! I just love that there are options like this out there to choose! They not only have it in bags but in Kcups as well so you can brew it your way!

By the end of this post I wanted a nice latte to sit and relax with. Check out some of my favorites from this branding session below!

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