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Mexico Travel Series - San Miguel

We made it to the last Mexican post!

It's long but so so hard to narrow down only a few photos from the amazing weekend! On the last part of our trip, we were so fortunate to be taken to the city of San Miguel de Allende. Mexico City was beautiful but San Miguel was another level! Full of charming architecture, cobbled stone streets, and amazing food!

We stayed at the cutest air bnb! We got settled in and then went out to explore the square at night.

Photos of our air bnb.

These views!

The yummiest looking baked goods by our place! The wonderful thing about San Miguel is once you are there and parked it is very walkable!

Mariachi bands were everywhere at night as we walked around. Hearing their horns and echoing singing voices bouncing around the square was such a magical treat!! Some of them even walked up in other players to battle each other for the crowd. It was so much fun!

The next full day we got some delicious breakfast and walked around gathering ALL the photos, checking out markets and churches as we went.

This dog was just chilling on the counter of a local shop. How cute is he!?

We had some of the best food while here! The first night was at an amazing rooftop restaurant and the next night we finished the night off with some tacos and street corn!

As we left San Miguel to head back to the city we stopped to try some true Mexican barbacoa! It was in a tiny shack that looked a bit shady at first but it was DELICIOUS. We were seated and they just brought everything out. One of the tastiest experiences! I didnt get very many photos of it because I was too busy eating it!

We are so blessed and grateful for being able to take this trip and spend time catching up with family! SO many memories were made! If you made it this far. Thank you!


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