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Mexico Travel Series - Historic Center

Ok I have to warn you before you get going. THIS IS A LONG ONE. There will only be one more mexico post after this one and these two are LONG.

So grab some snacks and get comfy!

This amazing day we got to visit so many museums! All located within the historic heart of Mexico City. Below is the start of three. The Museo de Arte Popular. This museum promotes and preserves part of the Mexican handcrafts and folk art.

Below, a tree of life. There were so many within Mexico and the local artists' markets. Made of clay and a very large scale of sizes. They typically depict a story or theme that is important to the creator.

Mural Diego Rivera museum. Diego Rivera's 1946–47 mural Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda Central is located. It was massive and absolutely stunning with so many characters and themes!

We walked through the parks making our way over to the Palace of Fine Arts. There are so many fountains and just absoluetly stunning senerey. Makes you want to just stil by a fountain and enjoy the sights and sounds all day!!

Palace of Fine Arts below held many of diegos murals as well as many other exhibits.

We ended the day walking around the rest of the historic center and just checking out the AMAZING cathedrals. Im annoying because I repeat myself always but I am obsessed with archetecture and this place was a TREAT. My camera was going crazy. Such a beautiful place. After exploring the cathedrals we grab some snacks on a roof top bar that gave us the PERFECT view of the city center.

Such an unforgetable day!

I fell in LOVE with these maguey plants. They were everywhere and I just love them!!

Up top where those umbrellas are is where we went for some food and views!



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