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Mexico Travel Series - Coyoacan

Mexico continued! In this post, we got to visit "The Blue House". Frida lived a lot of her life here; initially with her family and years later, with Diego Rivera.

The museum exhibits a lot of her personal belongings. Along with paintings, sculptures, photographs, and furniture. The beautiful garden set such a tranquil feeling for the museum and it leads you to access the exhibition of Frida’s Dresses.

I'm so glad we watched the movie, Frida. It gave us so much insight into her life and all the challenges and hardships she endured. If you ever need a movie to check out I would recommend it!

Want a snack? Yes. Those are crickets in a bucket. No. We were not brave enough to try them hahaha.

“Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly.”

After the museum, we took our time walking around the old neighborhood of Coyoacan. It is such a beautiful neighborhood with beauty and discovery around every corner. Such a calm and laid-back feeling you get when you walk around!

They had some vendors selling foods and all the yummy things so we just walked around seeing all the sights and smells. Such a fun day!


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