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Mexico Travel Series - City Sights

The next day Phil and I headed out on our own! We started the day calling an uber taking us to the Anthropologie Museum. Riding around Mexico City reminded me a LOT of Panama. Down south the rules of the road are just suggestions hahaha. It is always an exciting experience!

The museum had so many awesome sights to see! It was humongous! There was no way we would see it all so we hit up a few exhibits containing ancient Mexican art and the beginnings of the development of Mexico.

After the museum, we decided to walk around the neighborhood of Polanco to find a place to eat. One thing we did have to adjust while in Mexico was the day's schedule. Most times lunch didn't start until 3 pm and dinner at 8 pm. Mexico is one hour ahead is US time so we didn't have to worry about too much time difference!

The Sun Stone or Aztec Calendar.

Polanco area below.

As we walked around Polanco there were so many awesome bakeries and meat shops. We found a pizza place that had amazing food!! Not being great with Spanish we accidentally ordered a potato appetizer and my goodness am I grateful for happy accidents! They were delicous!

After we had our bellies full we decided to swing by the local city zoo. It was fun getting to relax and take our time seeing the animals.

After the zoo we headed to the Angel of Independence Statue while waiting to meet up with Greta & Rick. We braved the risky traffic circle and hung out for a bit admiring the city's bustling beauty. We ended the night with stunning views of the city at the Sofi Hotel bar on the 38th floor.

Mexico City rests on what was Lake Texcoco. Now a basin surrounded by mountains and volcanos. A wonderful way to end the day!



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