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Mexico Travel Series

Where to begin? First off, to share all of this amazing trip without leaving anything out I will be splitting it up between blogs. So begins the "Mexico Travel Series"!

I have been asked multiple times what my favorite part of Mexico was and honestly I can't say there was one overall favorite! Because everything was so fun and amazing in it's own unique experience!

Mexico city is colorful, beautiful, and full of life! I traveled with my husband to visit his family before they leave this spring. They were the best hosts we could have ever asked for and we are so so fortunate to have the opportunity to visit.

We were told to watch the movie "Frida" before we came to Mexico. I am so glad we did because there is so much about Frida I honestly never knew about. Getting to visit the museums and sights meant all that much more.

They had our visit planned out and made it so we got the full Mexico experience in just a week. The first full day we had breakfast at an amazing restaurant called SAKS then walked and explored the local market in the San Angel neighborhood.

We got to see so many markets during our visit and I must say that experience will always be a top favorite!!

Inside of SAKS, a wall of plants. Mexico City is full of trees and beautiful plants everywhere. Plant lovers dream!

We then got to visit Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo's house / studio. One building was Diego's while the other was Frida's connected by a bridge. The museum held many artifacts and sculptures collected by Diego.

While in the neighborhood they took us to the San Angel Inn for some tacos and drinks!

Our lovely family! Greta and Rick! They were so good to us!

The next day Greta took us to the La Ciudadela craft markets. This had to be my favorite market! It was like one giant grid that went on forever! Full of the most beautiful traditional handcraft goods and folk art. It was a bit overwhelming at first but also a shopper's dream! You could honestly spend all day there.

After quite some time at the markets, we went back and relaxed at the house. Later that evening we got to experience Lucha Libre! That was such a treat! I have lots of low-quality images but high-quality fun photos and videos from it to share in person!


The next day began a fun-filled tour guided day to see the pyramids. Before the pyramids though we were taken to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe! This stunning church holds the shrine containing the cloak with the image of Our Lady Guadalupe. No words to describe how beautiful and amazing to see in person!



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