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Maine Travel Series – Portland Part 1


I am so excited to share our latest trip exploring Portland, Maine, and Acadia National Park! This will be another series as I took way too many photos to share at once.

This journey starts as a fresh new full-time photographer. I took the jump to take my passions fully into my own hands and it's still scary. We had this trip planned and It was a lot of emotions to take with me on this trip. I set an intention to let this be a fresh start and use this trip as a chance to reflect, let go and take in new experiences with my love (my husband Phil).

We started our journey flying to Portland on October 8th, 2022. Arriving hungry, we picked a place called the Tuscan Table. This place had the most beautiful interior design. I fell in love instantly. We sat at the most impressive bar, ate DELICIOUS pizza, and shared a few cocktails.

With our stomachs full we decided before going to our hotel for the night to explore a beach nearby called Higgins Beach located on the south side of Portland. Sunset was just getting started when we arrived and it brought the most beautiful colors I have ever seen. It was a quaint beach. Temperatures were chilly and a bit cold for me ( Highs mid-50s and low-40s). I was shocked to see surfers still trying to catch some waves. It was a truly beautiful way to end our first night.

- - -Higgins Beach- - -

- - - Tuscan Table- - -

This pizza was EVERYTHING. It was called "Bee Sting" with pepperoncini, honey, and chili flakes. We loved it so much that we got went back on our way home and got it again.

- - - The next day we started our morning visiting the Bug light lighthouse and walked around the park filled with lots of dogs and a man flying long-tailed kites. After we made our way south to Spring Point lighthouse and walked around Fort Preble. - - -

- - - Below are views from Fort Preble - - -

- - - Spring Point Lighthouse - - -

- - - We continued on south to Port Head Lighthouse. We parked and stopped by Goddard Mansion, before walking up the path to the lighthouse. The views were so pretty, we really lucked. outwith the weather. There was a section where you could climb out on the rocks to view the lighthouse from a different perspective. We braved the rocky uneven hillside with a large crowd of people already doing the same. It made me a bit uneasy, to say the least haha. - - -

- - - Goddard Mansion - - -

- - - Before we left we stopped and got some Gelato from the cutest stand and Lobster from Cousins Maine food truck! - - -

More from Portland to come! Keep your eyes peeled for the next Travel Series on the blog!


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