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Maine Travel Series – Acadia National Park 3


Welcome back to the last in the Maine series.

We pick up our travels where we were on our way north to stay in an air bnb close to Bar Harbor. The air bnb was just a small cottage and was perfect for what we needed. Our host was so kind and welcoming once we arrived! She had the cottage prepared with a binder of all the hikes and attractions at Acadia along with places to eat and helpful tips!

She recommended a place across the street for dinner called Sweet Pea's as a great option. They would also be closing down soon for the season. We took her recommendation and it was MAGICAL. I'm so glad we went! It was so so cute. They seated you outside (which was a bit chilly weather for me but they had blankets to help!). The great food, super friendly and helpful staff, drinks, and ambient warm lighting just made the whole experience wonderful.

If you make it to the end of this long blog post you will see a little hint at where I'll be traveling to next in 2023!

- - - The next day we drove into Bar Harbor and explored the town for a while before we headed to the Park. There are loads of shops and places to eat! - - -

- - - We grabbed lunch here one day and it was so good! - - -

- - - These next few photos are all the span of a few days at Acadia Park! Like any National Park, it was super crowded and parking lots filled up fast. So making sure you get there early in the morning ended up being the way to go. We drove the park look road and stopped whenever we could. The sites were breath taking! - - -

- - - Our first stop was Sand Beach. I think this was one of my favorites. I love beaches and oceans and with the moody fog, bright fall colors, and rocky cliffs it was hard not to love it! - - -

- - - Photo of bubble rock from the parking lot of Sand Beach. There were tiny specks of people hiking on top of the rocks! We both agreed we weren't coordinated or brave enough to try that hike haha. - - -

- - - Below is from one of the many pull-off points on the loop drive. - - -

- - - Next up, Cadillac Mountain! We had bought a reservation online before coming to Maine. I highly recommend doing the same if you plan to visit! It doesnt have to be before you go but you will need a reservation / timed pass to drive up the mountain. They only allow so many people at one time.

Our pass was at about 3:30 and there were plenty of people up there already waiting for the sunset. I got to see the cutest dog up there with his owner! - - -

- - - I have the best husband for being such a good sport and putting up with all my photos hehe - - -

- - - Jordan Pond was soooo beautiful! The water was so still and clear. I must admit I was a bit in a grumpy mood when my husband started walking around the pond's hiking trail. I hadn't mentally prepared to hike and it felt like it was going to take much longer than I wanted to get around the entire pond.

My mood lifted halfway through. I realized my husband made the right decision because the views were stunning and we were never going to be here again or at least for a long time. It was a pretty enjoyable experience that we would have never got to do otherwise. If you ever find yourself here I recommend hiking around, even we uncoordinated folks could handle it hahaha. - - -

- - - While in Acadia we found out Phil's Aunt and Uncle (the ones we visited in Mexico) would be staying there at the same time we were! They were camping in their camper van and we made plans to visit! They invited us to their campsite for dinner and showed us this sweet little hideaway spot to watch the sunset. Such a beautiful place. - - -

- - - The last place we visited before our return home was Thunder Hole. Our air bnb host told us the best time to visit was when the weather was rainy or stormy. That way it's more likely to have waves crashing into the rocks. So we saved it for our last day which ended up being a good rainy day. - - -

- - - You made it to the end! Can you Guinness where we are going next? (sorry for the bad joke). If you made it to the end thank you for reading along! I'm looking forward to all that's yet to come! - - -


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