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Leann Mentor Meet Up session

I am so excited to share this blog with you! For some time now I have been wanting to offer mentorship sessions to other creatives.

My desire for mentoring came from my own experience. I met with a mentor and fellow creative, Victoria Tate over in Columbus wayyyy back in 2018! I admire her so much and we got to met up with her at the cutest coffee shop. We spent time talking about our goals, visions for the future and tips and tricks to work on moving forward. I valued the experience so much!

It's typical for me to be hard on myself and actually getting into a position to offer advice to talk over business pursuits overwhelms me and I'll naturally not feel like I know what I am doing. I'm grateful to be able to be doing what I love and if I can share any experience and knowledge I have gained in the process then I feel like I am doing something right!

I had the lovely opportunity to start what I will call my "Mentor Meet Up" sessions with Leann Charlson!

Leann is the sweetest, most focused, go-getter momma I have met! She had an idea already for the path and vision she wanted and really wanted to talk things through with a fellow creative. We talked all things goals, next steps, and topics we wanted to work on moving forward.

We ended the session with updating some head shots! Keep a look out on my website and pages for mentor session services to be offered soon. Leann I am so excited for your next adventure and can't wait to watch you grow!


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