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Ireland Travel Series – Kilkenny & Kinsale

Today I am finally beginning to share just a small portion from our family trip to Ireland!

My parents wanted to plan something special for their 35th wedding anniversary and I am so grateful to have had this time with family! Large trips can be a bit overwhelming and are always a bit hard for me to fully take in just how amazing everything is. Usually it results in me reminiscing and looking back at photos for years trying to comprehend that we actually did it.

This was all but one of my siblings first time traveling abroad to the east! So we were all a bit excited and nervous! Our plane ride there was about a 7-8 hour flight landing in the city of Dublin! Thank GOODNESS for my dad! He drove us the entire time in our rental car on the opposite side of the road. It was a bit jaring for awhile but he did a FANTASTIC job. As soon as we landed in Dublin we stuffed into the smallest rental car and drove straight to Kilkenny where our first air bnb was located.

We were all jet lagged, and stumbling around a bit the first day. We had some time to spare before getting checked into our first stay so we explored Kilkenny Castle and walked the town which you will see below!

Kilkenny Castle

After walking the town we started to head to our air bnb and made a few scenic stops along the way. One of them being this Kilree Monastic site. As well as some castle ruins. One thing is certain, there are no shortage of castles in Ireland!

After resting up in Kilkenny we kept driving south and headed towards our next stay which was located in Blarney, just north of Cork. While here we visited the quaint little costal town of Kinsale! Mostly just images of buildings because they had the most colorful picturesque buildings! If you haven't noticed and you also made it this far in the blog then yes... I love photographing architecture!

We end the blog here at Kinsale and next travel post will include Blarney Castle & just a little bit of the Muckross House over in Kilarney.

Thanks for following along! Stay tuned for more traveling Ireland.


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