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Ireland Travel Series – Galway & Dublin

We made it to the final post of the Ireland Travel series! This will be a long one! In this post, we visit Galway (the cutest most beautiful city we visited!) and end the trip in Dublin.

Once in Galway we started the day with a bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher. The tour took us to several stops before the final destination. The first is Dunguaire Castle! It was a brief stop but a beautiful one! I was surprised by how much seaweed was everywhere!

They also pointed out beautiful traditional style houses that you don't see as often using thatched roofing. As durable as they are environmentally friendly, Irish thatched cottages are the products of centuries of history and tradition. Today, with the general decline in popularity of thatched cottages, thatching has become rare as a family trade, but a number of groups and individuals dedicated themselves to the craftwork throughout Ireland to restore existing cottages and build new ones.

Also the stones walls all around Ireland are one thing I'm going to miss seeing. They are so beautiful and are all laid by hand without using any sort of mortar.

Our next stop was to see the Poulnabrone Dolmen. Located in the Burren County Clare. Situated on a desolate and highest point of the region it dates to the Neolithic period. The dolmen was built by Neolithic farmers, who chose the location either for ritual or as a collective burial site.

After a lunch break in Doolin at the most tasty McGann's pub. We made it to the cliffs! We were so fortunate the weather was cooperating for us! We had pretty good views of the magnificent cliffs. The photos do not do them justice!

After our tour was over we explored the city of Galway on foot! The most beautiful place! There are simply not enough words.

Little hint at where I'll be heading next below!

The Spanish Arches.

At the end of our trip we spent the last of our time exploring the city of Dublin. Mostly just exploring on foot. We walked around the outside of the Dublin Castle, as well as making time to visit the EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum! Most photos are of buildings and the cities colorful street finds.

We also made a quick stop to visit the Book of Kells located in the Trinity college library! They were in the process of renovating and restoring the library but were still able to take a look around the amazing home for ancient and valuable books.

If you made it to the end, thank you for following along! I hope you are inspired to travel and explore new places! Until the next time!


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