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Ireland Travel Series – Dingle Peninsula

THIS was one, if not my favorite part of our trip! I was looking forward to driving the Dingle Peninsula!

Dingle Peninsula is just north of the ring of Kerry. We chose it instead because the views looked amazing and hoped we would have a little less crowd to deal with.

Our air bnb was just the loveliest rental attached to the owners house. They were super welcoming and helpful! We were located close to inch beach. So we explored the beach a bit before we took off to drive around the entire peninsula!

View from air bnb.

Photos from Inch beach below.

As we started our Journey around, one thing you will see lots of photos of are sheep! The cutest road side animals I couldn't get enough! Also enjoy some photos sprinkled in of how narrow the roads are my dad did so great driving us. There were several times we had to back up or make room for on coming traffic.

First stop was the Beehive huts. The exact age of the houses is uncertain, and different theories date them anywhere from the12th centuries AD. It’s likely hermit monks and followers of Saint Peter once lived in them, though pagans may have also called some of the cone-shaped structures home even earlier. The builders of these beehive houses didn’t use any mortar. Instead, they meticulously stacked rings of stone one on top of the other.

Side stop to hold a baby lamb!

Next up we stopped at Coumeenoole Beach! One of the top places I was excited about just for the cliff side scenery. The water was so blue and over all the view was absolutely stunning!

Next up, Dunquin Pier! Another absolutely stunning location with the most scenic views! There was a long winding ramp down to the pier below. The walk back up was a workout!

We drove through Connor Pass which is super narrow roads and one of the highest Irish mountain passes leading up to a scenic view of the Atlanitc Ocean!

Thank you again for following along! Only one more post from this series to go! Stay Tuned!


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