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Ireland Travel Series – Blarney & Muckross House

Welcome back to the Ireland Travel Series! We continue with our trip leaving our stay in Kilkenny and heading to our next bed and breakfast in Blarney, County Cork.

Here we stayed on top of a local bar called The Muskerry Arms. We were within walking distance of Blarney Castle! I have to say out of all the castles we came across this one was by far my favorite!

Blarney Castle was more than just a castle, it had gardens and lots of land to explore! The whole experience was super fun! We climbed the tower to the top on some pretty narrow spiral staircases (they made me a little nervous haha). But, once at the top, you were greeted with an amazing view of the land. The Blarney stone was also at the top! Only my husband and dad opted to kiss the stone... the ladies chose not to haha.

There is more than one legend behind the stone. One being It was said to have been the stone used by Jacob as a pillow when he dreamed of the ladder extending up to heaven with angels ascending and descending on it, and that it was brought from the Holy Land after the Crusades. There are many other stories involving some sort of result good luck.

People waiting in line to kiss the stone.

Beautiful land and gardens around the castle.

The Blarney estate.

Below are the Wishing steps! The story goes, that if you close your eyes, ascend the “the wishing steps,” and walk down backward, thinking of nothing but your wish, then it will come true. Needless to say none of us felt brave enough to give it a try haha.

We left Blarney and started heading towards our next destination over on the Dingle Peninsula. But on our way, we made a quick stop at the Muckross Estate over in Killarney.

We were there right before closing so we just walked the beautiful property and stretched our legs.

If you made it this far thanks for following along! Next up we will explore the Dingle Peninsula! This was my favorite and the part of the trip I was most looking forward to!

Stay Tuned!


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