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Cassie's Country Cupboard Muffins

This next session is a short but FUN one! It's perfect timing for the holidays if you are looking for some unique and creative stocking stuffers! I absolutely LOVE doing product photography! Especially when it's food!

Cassie's Country Cupboard is your go-to home-cooked meal for when you have an on-the-go lifestyle! I absolutely love using her products and am so excited to share a few of them below.

Cassie started creating her own “convenience” foods in order to provide quick, home-cooked meals for her family. During these recipe trials, she realized she could make a number of mixes without the preservatives, MSG, and artificial ingredients used by other food manufacturers.

She has so many awesome mixes and varieties but this session was focused on Lemon poppy muffins, cappuccino muffins, and pumpkin cranberry bread!

Find her products at


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